Easter Sunday is a high point for the church's life in worship, after which we can often be left asking the question, "What's next?". At New City Fellowship East Lake, we've been moving through the parables of Matthew 13 each Sunday during the Easter season, unpacking how the Kingdom of God is being built through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The teaching we've sat under has raised questions about how God builds his kingdom, what our role is in that kingdom, and what the nature of His kingdom "...on earth as it is in heaven." is in the first place. In the wake of continuing unrest, violence, and struggle related to race and poverty in cities across the USA, it can be difficult to be optimistic about God's kingdom flourishing in the inner city. 

This song, "Come Down" was written in response to this season of teaching at our church, and raises many of these same questions in the words. It doesn't stop at raising questions, however, but continues on in reminding us of the promises of the Gospel. He's making all things new, He is our spirit's food, and through his church He will see his kingdom work through.