This song was written on the evening I found out my wife and I were expecting a child. I found myself standing in fear, wondering how I would adapt to the new responsibilites and demands of fatherhood. It is a song for anyone who is afraid, and moves through the stages of fear, doubt, faith, then—blessedly—belief. As I pondered these things, these are the words that came to mind. Ms. Ellis lent me her voice and talents on the demo, and her performance truly captured the expressiveness implicit in the text. 

by Michael Kendall

I stand afraid of what may be
Left to myself, the world will see
That I am evil, born in sin
Unable to repent again
But this my hope, will always be
Beyond my will, Christ intercedes
I died with Him, I live again
I rise with Him, my surest friend

What can I say? He lives in me.
No matter if I can believe
His spirit rests upon my heart
And never from me will depart
And never from me will depart 

My weakened voice, He comprehends
My shuddering sigh, He understands
And to his grace He molds my heart
And in his patience, never departs
My only hope in Christ is laid
My only joy, His narrow way
The gate is open unto me
I stumble through, so gratefully (chorus)

I am his love, and He is mine
I cast my idols far and wide
My knees I bend, and press my face
Close to his hem, and breathe his grace
I rest beneath his golden wing
And humbly to the cross I cling
What joy and rest, both now are mine
No earthly trial can undermine (chorus)